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Dark Sky Innovations
We believe that rural businesses & communities can THRIVE!
EMPOWERING small businesses & communities to connect, create and GROW
 through INNOVATION and COLLABORATION is what we do!
Covid Sanity Goose Chase-square-1.jpg

Are you stuck at home, in lock down, climbing the walls looking for something fun for you and the whole family to do?


Want to get your mind off all the stress and just relax with a good giggle?

THEN Join A GIANT Australia Wide Scavenger Hunt - that you can play from your home.

Explore the opportunities for the Dark Sky Innovations team 

to create and facilitate a GooseChase to truly engage visitors to your region's Tourism or upcoming Festival!

To discover the gems, to stay longer and share their discoveries with the world!



Let the Dark Sky Innovations team create and facilitate a gigantic exploratory game into the gems of your region!

Keep tourists staying and playing in your region even longer!

Discover Coonabarabran GooseChase 2.png

Discover Coonabarabran and Surrounds through the fun of a DSI GooseChase!

Dive into fun of engaging activities that suit all ages, play as a team or as an individual. Get a real sense of connection to people, to community and the place of Coonabarabran.


Explore community, culture and natural environment through a variety of missions (Challenges) capturing photos, videos, written responses and seeking GPS points. Choose for weekend or weekday GooseChases.

Discover Coonabarabran



“The StarFest GooseChase was an outstanding success. People of all ages and backgrounds joined the chase, and the 100+ missions were interesting, entertaining, as well as educational. Dark Sky Innovations did fantastic work in promoting and running the event, and in creating all of the content."

Amazing! We had so much fun taking part, it was a fantastic event. We will definitely be making our way out to Coonabarabran next year, can’t wait! Congratulations to the top 5 and thank you to all the awesome teams who took part, we loved playing with you all and seeing all the funny and creative entries, and to the amazing DSI team who put in so much work and dedication to make it all happen.”

A/Professor Chris Lidman / Director, Siding Spring Observatory, Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics / The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Jodie Styles - Starry Styles Team StarFest GooseChasers

”Just join in! It's addictive - you try one mission, then another and another and soon enough you and a bunch of friends have a funky team name, a complex colour-coded spreadsheet and a group chat and you're scheduling Zoom calls because you actually want to! #MelbourneLockdown2020”

”We've signed up and have jumped in, even the two teen zombies have joined in. Lots of family fun and space learning for everyone.”

'Sirius Prodigies' Team StarFest GooseChasers

'Hogwarts Staff Room' Team StarFest GooseChasers

”Because it is loads of fun and the chance to go crazy!”

A social media app that is bringing family and friends of all ages together in the name of fun, education and adventure. This is just what 2020 needs! You really should get involved

Do it! It's so fun and has out of the box ideas to brighten up your day. Particularly during school holidays/iso” The Backs COVID Sanity GooseChasers
“It is a great exciting experience and definitely worth it.

The Silly Sinclairs COVID Sanity GooseChase

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about us

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What We Do


We love collaborating and innovating with other small businesses and communities  to host events so that you, your business & your community can THRIVE!

Our focus is on providing a broad range of FUN, informative, safe and inclusive activities that can be done uniquely within your region; including missions that connect to places, events, businesses and spaces within and around rural and regional Australia.

We work closely with rural and regional communities and small businesses across Australia to provide engaging, fun activities that allow tourists and participants from all walks of life to have fun, connect and explore in a safe space.


Dark Sky Innovations create and facilitate for your shire or event short term or year-round 'GooseChase' events. Think gigantic scavenger hunts that participants play, through an app on their mobile device, that offers a variety of missions (challenges) that involve submitting a photo/video, text response or finding a GPS point that brings an innovative and flexible way to explore and engage in the many facets of  your region or event.

Our team at Dark Sky Innovations craft the activities to be varied, engaging and suit your event/region, We host, facilitate and monitor the game for the fun and safety of all concerned. 

Who We Are


Well firstly Dark Sky Innovations is a registered business by Vivian Evans who is the founder and manager.


Vivian Evans is based in Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia and has over 30 years experience as an educator and over 10 years in online education being  a qualified Synchronous Learning Expert and a highly recognised innovator Vivian has been the subject of 'innovator' research and received recognition and awards by a number of organisations over the years through her work as an educator and her varied volunteer roles.

Coonabarabran is adjacent to Australia's first internationally recognised International Dark Sky Park -the Warrumbungle Dark Sky Park. We love our Dark Skies and the enormity of potential we can see and not yet see and this lead to the name of the business "Dark Sky Innovations'.

Innovation and collaboration is our passion and we work not only in our community but with businesses across Australia and internationally.

We are expanding our team including contractors across rural and regional NSW as we progress to deliver our services.

How We Work


We work in close collaboration with key members of your team and organisation, connecting with other rural businesses , organisations and government bodies as required to bring a totally tailored event that suits your local community - giving visitors a clearer 

We work from our Dark Sky Innovations hub based in Coonabarabran with team members scattered across rural and regional areas.


by connecting online & in person when required.

Why Dark Sky Innovations?


Dark Sky Innovations is a rurally based business that believes rural businesses and communities can thrive through collaboration and innovation!

We know the vital importance to rural and regional economies of engaging tourists to stay longer and to truly connect with people, businesses, spaces and places in our communities and we enable this connection to work.

Our Founder and Manager, Vivian Evans, has extensive and award winning educational experience and is a recognised innovator. She thrives on connection, collaboration and innovation.

Our growing Team is made up of an innovative team of professionals : bringing experience in education, leadership, event management, tourism, marketing and more.

Consider us as your outsourced tourism engagement & marketing team. Your innovative and flexible team, always looking for improving strategies to GROW and THRIVE collaboratively and inclusively with those we work with.

We are experienced operators through the COVID19 pandemic, successfully facilitating GooseChase events through the initial phase of lock down and virtual events.

What We Believe


We believe that rural businesses and communities can THRIVE!

Empowering small businesses and communities to connect, create and GROW through collaboration and innovation is what we do.

We are supporters of business innovation and growth in rural communities. 

Our focus for 2021

With current changes due to impacts from Covid19 we are busier than ever assisting communities and projects to shift thinking and create possibilities to connect and collaborate despite restrictions.

We are excited to be bringing together engaging Goose Chase Scavenger Hunts to enhance and grow engaging tourism across rural and regional Australia and to support & expand engagement in Festivals, Shows and other regional/rurally based events. We are discovering, with others, that there are a lot of positives that can come out of big challenges like we  are currently facing.

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