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Are you stuck at home, in lock down, climbing the walls looking for something fun for you and the whole family to do?


Want to get your mind off all the stress and just relax with a good giggle?


Do you want to reach out to others (in or out of COVID restricted areas) and feel more connected?

Then the Dark Sky Innovations

COVID SANITY Goose Chase might

just be for you!

Starts 22nd August

StartING August 22nd and Now finished

Join A GIANT Australia Wide Scavenger Hunt - that you can play from your home.

FAMILY FRIENDLY  A game that can be played by all ages.

Connect with Family & Friends across different households/states 

They can be on your team or play some friendly rivalry to see who can get the most points.

PLAY ANY TIME  Each Day new missions are released and you choose when and IF you will play them.

Score Points and race against other teams

or just enjoy the FUN of the game.

Win prizes from Rural and Regional businesses for creative entries.


Register your team and be ready for the official launch date at MIDDAY SATURDAY AUGUST 22nd !


$55 for a team...

That's for 3 weeks of fun for all your team members (you decide the number) with new activities to play added to the game every day. That's less than $3 a day with chances to win prizes scattered throughout the game.


Info will be sent to you when you register. (See below)


All you need is a smart phone or tablet and to download the Goose Chase App.

Log into the COVID SANITY Goose Chase game with your password.


You then tap into and choose the missions you want to play - any time of day. You automatically score points for each mission you complete... and watch your team race up the Leader board!


The Dark Sky Innovations team have created 100s of 'missions' for your team to play safely whilst following COVID restrictions that encourage you to be creative, have fun, be active, be environmentally aware, have a giggle and just relax.

Sorry Now Closed

Join up a team (any size you like - from one person upwards) and download the app on a mobile device, join our game with the password and instructions we email you and then you are off and chasing!

What's really fun is you can see entries of other teams who are playing the game... be inspired and get a buzz from their great entries. See who is in the lead on the leader board.