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Planning Travels

DSI GooseChasing Grows TOURISM

Currently overseas travel has been curtailed and there is increased tourism across

inland rural and regional areas across Australia.

It’s the perfect time to be providing an engaging and dynamic experience for tourists visiting the area.

Key Challenges

GooseChaser at Dunedoo Siloart.JPG
  • Tourists of all ages aren’t always fully aware of what the rural & regional Shire offers. Not fully aware of all the beautiful places, spaces and communities within your shire.

  • When tourists arrive they can’t always find things to do and entertain all members of their family so they move more quickly on to the next town or region, continuing on their journey missing what’s really special, the hidden gems and experiences your region has to offer.

  • The shifting nature of businesses in these current challenging times means that tourists get frustrated when a location is closed when they come to visit, whilst new and current businesses feel frustrated because tourists can’t find them.


The Dark Sky Innovations (DSI) team can create and facilitate for your shire, a year-round shire tourism focused 'GooseChase'. A gigantic scavenger hunt that participants play, through an app on their mobile device, that offers a variety of missions (challenges) that involve submitting a photo/video, text response or finding a GPS point that brings an innovative and flexible way to explore and engage in the many facets of  your region.

"DSI facilitated GooseChases are a unique way to engage tourists.

We create the ‘Bucket list’ of gems for your region and entice tourists to tick them all off"

Sandstone caves Warrumbungle GooseChase.

WINS for Tourists

  • Tourists will be engaged to discover and seek out what the Shire offers. ‘Missions’ within the game will lead them to towns and communities across the whole shire, to drop into cafes, to check out venues and stores, to go to spaces and places to snap photos, create videos or written responses.

  • No matter when Tourists arrive in the area they can choose ‘missions’ that can fill in time gaps with what is on offer in the town they are in. If businesses are shut they can explore murals, monuments, views, playgrounds, natural features, historical features etc.

  • Tourists can uncover and dig deeper into the unique perspectives of your community. Working with your shire and community Dark Sky Innovations can include aspects of the local community, local Indigenous culture, birds, night skies, natural environment, outdoor activity, local history so tourists feel a real sense of engagement in their visit.

  • Dark Sky Innovations takes pride in creating fun & engaging activities that suit all ages and can be played as a team or as an individual, so that participants get a real sense of connection to people, to community and place.

Wins for businesses and communities within rural & regional areas.

  • The team at Dark Sky Innovations take the responsibility of creating, facilitating and monitoring of this highly engaging game in close collaboration with your team.

  • Tourists playing the game capture the great experiences including awesome images and videos sharing the wonderful experiences, the places and businesses they visit helping you showcase your fabulous region.

  • As events, markets, festivals change within the broader calendar we can schedule the related GooseChase missions to appear when the event is on and to disappear from the game when they are no longer happening. Encouraging people to engage with what’s on.

  • In these rapidly changing times. The DSI team provide flexibility and can quickly adapt the game to include new businesses that open and also remove activities if a business or location has any major changes. Keeping the game current and safe.


Our focus is on providing a broad range of FUN, informative, safe and inclusive activities that can be done uniquely within the shire; including missions that connect to places, businesses and spaces within and around the towns across your region.

Why a GooseChase facilitated by the Dark Sky Innovations team?

  • Dark Sky Innovations is a rurally based business that believes rural businesses and communities can thrive through collaboration and innovation!

  • We know the vital importance to rural and regional economies of engaging tourists to stay longer and to truly connect with people, businesses, spaces and places in our communities and we enable this connection to work.

  • Our Founder and Manager, Vivian Evans, has extensive and award winning educational experience and is a recognised innovator. She thrives on connection, collaboration and innovation.

  • Our growing Team is made up of an innovative team of professionals : bringing experience in education, leadership, event management, tourism, marketing and more.

  • Consider us as your outsourced tourism engagement & marketing team. Your innovative and flexible team, always looking for improving strategies to GROW and THRIVE collaboratively and inclusively with those we work with.

  • We are experienced operators through the COVID19 pandemic, successfully facilitating GooseChase events through the initial phase of lock down and virtual events.

IMG_1400 2.jpg


Contact our team to arrange to speak with a member of our team about how we could create a tailor made Dark Sky Innovations GooseChase to help grow your region? 


“The StarFest GooseChase was an outstanding success. People of all ages and backgrounds joined the chase, and the 100+ missions were interesting, entertaining, as well as educational. Dark Sky Innovations did fantastic work in promoting and running the event, and in creating all of the content."

A/Professor Chris Lidman / Director, Siding Spring Observatory, Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics / The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Amazing! We had so much fun taking part, it was a fantastic event. We will definitely be making our way out to Coonabarabran next year, can’t wait! Congratulations to the top 5 and thank you to all the awesome teams who took part, we loved playing with you all and seeing all the funny and creative entries, and to the amazing DSI team who put in so much work and dedication to make it all happen.

Jodie Styles - Starry Styles Team StarFest GooseChasers

”We've signed up and have jumped in, even the two teen zombies have joined in. Lots of family fun and space learning for everyone.”

'Sirius Prodigies' Team StarFest GooseChasers

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