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Warrumbungle  Goose Chase

For Family FUN!

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In collaboration with the Warrumbungle Shire Council, Dark Sky Innovations is hosting the Warrumbungle Goose Chase.


The Warrumbungle Goose Chase is an interactive game for families and youth across the whole of the Warrumbungle Shire.

It's an adaptation to the Youth Week events that were planned prior to the changes that have happened to us all in relation to Covid19.

Sorry this game ended on JULY 20th 2020!

You play the game from home and so you can operate within the current movement restrictions. As conditions change so do the Goose Chase activities.

How to Play:  

You register a team

Follow the email instructions your receive

Download the Goose Chase App on your mobile device,

Enter the Warrumbungle Goose Chase game with your password

In the game there are a series of missions that your team can choose to play at anytime and in any order. 

Each mission you complete earns your teams points.

You can see every other team playing and who is in the lead!

Once in the game


  • Think of a fun team name for your family to play as. This team name will appear every time your team posts a photo/video/text answer response to the game. All other players in the game will see your name and entries.

  • Have ONE  member of your team register to join the game and then once the team is registered you will be sent an email detailing instructions of what to do next. 

  • For participants in the game who are over the age of 13, and who have a mobile device. Search for GooseChase in your app store - the icon looks like goose footprints or  download the Goose Chase App via the Google Play Store or your App Store. ​

  • Some activities may include photos of your team members if you want to play it 'incognito' you might start creating clever masks to go with your team name. (You don't need to have masks that is totally up to you and your team.)

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School holiday JULY 2020 Extension Warru
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