The Stars

that's a wrap 2020 starfest gooeschase! 

thanks to all those who played and participated!

we will be announcing the winner here soon.


11th Oct!

This year StarFest 2020, hosted by the Australian National University is going Virutal


Dark Sky Innovations is delighted to play a major role in helping the festival go virtual by facilitating the 2020 StarFest Goose Chase. 3 weeks of FUN with a StarFest themed gigantic scavenger hunt that you can play in teams, or on your own, using your mobile device.


This event will run to coincide with all Australian school holidays and you can play whether you are in COVID Lockdown or are able to come to Coonabarabran and connect with Warrumbungle Dark Sky Park!

The StarFest Goose Chase is not the only Virtual StarFest Activity. Please see the Official StarFest Page for all the upcoming 2020 events and activities!

Why StarFest GooseChasers think you should play the game...

“This whole experience has been amazing! We have laughed, learned, created, experimented, written songs, played instruments, observed the moon, studied stars, joined the library, and used our imaginations. Science in the pub was a highlight as my 8yr old daughter had the opportunity to communicate live with amazing real life scientists, in particular Abigail Fraeman at NASA who drives the Mars rovers! (my daughter is obsessed with Mars). She now has a new idol, and it’s not another popstar. This is one of those moments in education where we get to make a difference, to ignite a child’s interest and curiosity, and hopefully light a path to possible futures for them. She has been truly inspired tonight, and by this whole process so far. Well done to all involved! Thank you” Jodi Styles

"We've signed up and have jumped in, even the two teen zombies have joined in. Lots of family fun and space learning for everyone." TheSiriusProdigies

"The Starfest is absolutely awesome!!! It is perfect for any age and even if you don't know much about astronomy, or aren't that interested, it is such a wonderful experience that that will soon change." The Celestial Cat Creeps

Keep the kids entertained all holidays with activities for every age, ability and location, all while learning about our awesome universe." Super Stars

"Because it is loads of fun and the chance to go crazy!" Solo Power

"It is lots of fun to play it as part of a team! It gives you a fun activity to do while you are in Coona and it is a great way to explore the town while completing activities!" #JollyJewiss's

How do I play?

A virtual scavenger hunt that you can play from your home or, COVID travel rules permitting, on location in Coonabarabran!

A family friendly and educational game that can be played by all ages and astronomy interest levels.

Connect with family and friends across different households, or interstate, while learning interesting facts and the latest news from professionals in the field of Australian astronomy. 

Family members or friends can be on your team, or you can play some friendly rivalry to see who can get the most points!

Each day during the game timeframe new missions are released on the Goose Chase app and you choose when to play them. The great thing is, when playing the StarFest Goose Chase, is you and your team can pick and choose which missions you want to play and when you will play them. 

Once you have registered and downloaded the app you can access the game at any time that suits you. 

Play to score points and race against other teams or simply enjoy the fun of the game and learning astronomical facts.