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Agricultural shows are a big social and community event in the calendar of rural and regional communities across Australia. We love our local show with awesome family fun for all ages and a real community connector!


We know there are big challenges being faced by the volunteer committees of our Agricultural shows - especially with the challenge of hosting safe large events with the COVID19 requirements. The big decisions as to whether to go ahead in 2021 or not and if going ahead how to meet all the required guidelines added to the ongoing challenge of engaging new volunteers and to encourage more people to participate, support and enjoy our local shows. 


Key Challenges

Providing an innovative, simple & COVID safe way to engage with a large number of participants of all ages & abilities in Shows for 2020 and beyond. 

Keeping the passion alive for rural shows. Engaging more families & show goers that doesn’t add extra demands on busy volunteer committee members. 

Growing the team of volunteers on show committees, especially engaging ‘Next Gen’ for a viable future.

Retaining financially viable rural and regional shows with continued & increased sponsorship, without adding too many demands to overstretched local businesses.

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Night Sky

The Solution

Facilitated gigantic scavenger hunts where teams and individuals of any number can use their mobile devices to complete a variety of Show themed 'missions', competing and earning points in a GooseChase.

Fun for all ages that connects participants with each other,  engaging in show related activities, sharing the excitement and highlights of rural & regional shows within COVID Safe guidelines.

Face Painting
  • Solution 1

The Dark Sky Innovations team takes the responsibility of creating, facilitating and monitoring this highly engaging game in close collaboration with your team. Adapting missions quickly if COVID requirements change.

  • Solution 2

With a GooseChase commencing before a show or season starts you can engage showgoers and encourage more entries and excitement in the lead up. Participants see the entries that others make which is a key aspect of the fun, connection & competition.

  • Solution 3

We can build activities into the game that engage and share the programs and positivity of the Agricultural society and benefits of being involved in bringing shows together.

  • Solution 4

Connect with your sponsors even better with missions related to them. They can choose to provide prizes and even judge the entries. They'll feel even more a part of your shows.

FunFair Family
Furry Friend entry by Burloo Bush Babies
Winners are Grinners Kristy from the Duc
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The Dark Sky Innovations team takes the responsibility of creating, facilitating and monitoring a highly engaging ShowTime GooseChase in close collaboration with your committee. This takes all the pressure off your volunteers, whether your show committee decides to operate a full show, a partial show or ‘no show’ we can facilitate a game to fit and engage your community. 


We’ve hosted 2 highly successful GooseChases since March and COVID19 restrictions with participants from all over Australia playing.


We see greatest potential with a DSI Showtime GooseChase commencing before a show or season starts. You can engage showgoers and encourage more entries and excitement in the lead up. Participants see the other players entries which is a key aspect of the fun, connection & competition. 


With many possibilities Shows could host an individual focused GooseChase or more effectively we believe a collaboration of rural and regional shows could really work - ramping up the engagement, marketing and by working together significantly reduce the costs for individual shows.

At Dark Sky Innovations we believe rural communities and businesses can THRIVE through innovation and collaboration. A collaborative FUN showtime GooseChase could really fit the bill to enable your community to THRIVE!


Why the Dark Sky Innovations team? 


DSI is made up of an innovative team of professionals : experienced educators of adults & youth, business, marketing & event managers.


Our team is experienced in facilitating Goose Chase events adapting through the Covid19 experience.


Our team love and value rural and regional shows. Are on or well connected to show committees & events.


A rural based business that believes rural businesses and communities can thrive through collaboration and innovation!


There were a variety of brilliant entries and we especially loved this one... the Mission challenge was ‘Calling a Winner! 

"Take a video of your team member with the best announcer's voice calling the arrival of a new round of drinks" This was a corker of an entry by the 'Dodgems' team.


Playing the game is the best way to see the potential.

Contact us so we can create a sample DSI GooseChase

for you? 0429 424 335

The Mission: Sheep Dogs are Go!

Round up three members of your team like they are the sheep and you are the sheepdog at this year's sheepdog trials at the show! Take a video of you rounding up your sheep around the dining table, trying not to laugh!

'Sponsor Shout Out'

Choose a sponsor from your Agricultural show (or the ASC NSW) and record a thanks to them for their contribution to help the show be such a success.

Here's a thanks to Suncorp for their sponsorship of Agricultural Societies Council of NSW Ltd 2020 Dryland Field Wheat Competition by the 'Biggest Pumpkin’ team in the GooseChase.

New Moon

Want to discover more? 

Contact us to arrange to speak with a member of our Dark Sky Innovations team to discover more.

We can tailor a Show themed DSI GooseChase to see the huge potential.

Our rurally based Dark Sky Innovations team would love to help your Show and community THRIVE!  or phone 0429 424 335

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