Currently our team is preparing a number of Goose Chases to be released in August and September 2020.

The 'COVID Sanity Goose Chase' for families and friends to play Australia Wide even if in lock down. Stay safe and have fun... join through a virtual game to play with extended family and friends whether you are interstate or just in your own home. Stay COVID safe and still connected. 

We are aiming for the COVID Sanity Goose Chase to take flight on August 22nd.​

Dark Sky Innovations will soon be announcing a collaboration with a Festival which will include a Goose Chase that individuals and teams from far and wide can play. Watch this space...

Warrumbungle Shire Goose Chase - Just closed on 20th July

You can follow the link to see the FUN of the Warrumbungle Shire wide scavenger hunt that had families, teams & individuals playing for 15 weeks starting in the Covid19 lock down.

Upcoming Events
Postponed for 2021 - Date to be confirmed
Dark Sky Festival Goose Chase updated (1

About us

What We Do


We love collaborating and innovating with other businesses  to host events and grow your business so that you, your business & your community can THRIVE!


We work alongside your business to help grow your business through a tailored program of support whether it be website development, social media, marketing and online communications.

We specialise in online communication, particularly webinar facilitation and online community connection.

We assist you in working on your business goals and vision and we help you connect with the right people to grow your business. 

How We Work


We work in collaboration with other rural businesses to that we all thrive. Tapping into experts when we need them, partnering with those with expertise and growing together. 

We work by connecting online & in person.

Why Dark Sky Innovations?


We are based in the NSW rural community of Coonabarabran which is adjacent to Australia's first internationally recognised International Dark Sky Park -the Warrumbungle Dark Sky Park. We love our Dark Skies and the enormity of potential we can see and not yet see!

Innovation is our passion and we work not only in our community but with businesses across Australia and internationally.

Who We Are


Well firstly Dark Sky Innovations is a registered business by Vivian Evans.


Vivian Evans is based in Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia who connects and collaborates with a variety of individuals and teams across rural Australia and beyond who support her to support you and your business to thrive and succeed.

Vivian has over 30 years experience as an educator and over 10 years in online education being  qualified Synchronous Learning Expert.

What We Believe


We believe that rural businesses and communities can THRIVE!

Empowering individuals to connect, create, collaborate and innovate is what we do.

We are supporters of business innovation and growth in rural communities. 

Our focus for 2020


In 2020 we have a focus of growing 10 local businesses in Coonabarabran, whilst  working with our existing partners THE Rural Woman.

With current changes due to impacts from Covid19 we are busier than ever assisting communities and projects to shift thinking and create possibilities to connect and collaborate despite restrictions.

We are excited to be bringing together engaging Goose Chase Scavenger Hunts for Community connection, upcoming Festivals and more. We are discovering, with others, that there are a lot of positives that can come out of big challenges like we  are currently facing.

© 2020 by Vivian Evans

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